The Off-Broadway League was founded in 1959 to foster theatrical productions produced in Off-Broadway theatres, to assist in the voluntary exchange of information among its members, and to serve as the collective voice of its membership in pursuit of these goals. 

Any person or business entity engaged as an Off-Broadway theatre owner or operator, theatre manager or prodcuer or manager of a production in an Off-Broadway theatre (100-499 seats) may apply for membership. Members of The Off-Broadway League are obligated to abide by the collective bargaining agreements currently in place with AEA, SDC and USA. 



Off-Broadway League Membership,

Words are wholly inadequate to express our great sorrow and anger at the injustice inflicted upon Black lives in our country. We are called to action.

The Off-Broadway League stands in solidarity with these members of our community. We will continue to work with renewed purpose toward greater equity, diversity and inclusion in our membership. We pledge our continued support to our members who are using their platforms and voices to bring awareness and understanding to the pain and injustice in our country and in our world.

We point our members to the Kellogg Foundation’s Racial Equity Resource Guide, which is a database of workshops and tools that can be used as tangible exercises to better educate and improve individual and organizational racial equity.

For those who are interested in diving deeper into this education, we recommend this booklist.

As we support our membership in addressing this devastating issue with statements affirming their position towards a better future, we urge every member to take action now. We are a collection of organizations and producers whose work exists by the grace of patrons purchasing tickets and making donations both large and small. Our community knows better than any the value of every penny. 

While we acknowledge these troubling financial times for our membership, we urge each individual member to donate to a relevant organization of their choosing no matter the amount. The Executive Committee has personally donated to the American Civil Liberties Union.

We look forward to our membership and community, which has benefited from the work of an array of culturally diverse voices, to collectively learn, grow, and change towards an equitable and just existence for all.


The Off-Broadway League Executive Committee

Terry Byrne, President

Carol Fishman, First Vice President

Ryan Conway, Second Vice President

Pamela Adams, Secretary

Adam Hess, Treasurer